Kivu Talk is a social network which is under business afronector, Afronector is a big social platform which has four social network working under it and the SEO is Ndugutse Eric, he started afronector after seeing that Africa is missing a big social network on earth, his plans was to develop a big social network which will stand up as the biggest social network and big in the all world. To make the dream of ndugutse Eric comes true it us in your hands as a fan or a user because it will not cost you anything to add kivutalk, Messengerkivu, kivulive and kivumeet on your phone like other app your support will make kivutalk grow, Kivutalk can grow if you share it with friends and families or support it financially where it will use that money to buy ads for advertising the webs. The target that Kivutalk SEO Ndugutse Eric has for kivutalk is to grow and get at least 8 billion users and he believes that through you this will be possible. If you need more information on how to support or other things you can contact us on this email afronectwork@gmail.com ,thank you.